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Ecuador – Deadly Landslides and Floods in El Oro – FloodList_HIGH.mp4

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Published on 20 Feb 2021 / In News and Politics

Ecuador – Deadly Landslides and Floods in El Oro

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 3 years ago

Teacher…, how can you speak of such “varied things” when it comes too Reality and Magic and Machines, and yet, they all seem to be a part of the whole.?.?.? Are youm wondering if I AM connected to the G.O.D. of all that is and all that will ever be??? Let me put it like this my {young people} whom should be the ONLY replacement populations [on this side] of FLAT EARTH, and not these Doppelgangers from the (Other SIDE) of the world in our Shared Celestial Sphere…

All could change right now if people would be honest, and yet, it seems only those who know me, and listen to me, and read the things I am allowed to prepare: get it’ that PURGATORY is nothing more then a Shared DREAM we all keeping waking up to as one,

and even though This Home World of EARTH is not a Planet, all the books of {Ink on Paper} to all the TV Screens and Movies want “the many” too think they are spinning in endless space going no where…

In a way, the FREE MASON Lies agreed upon is [a punishment] by their own desires for Power – Fame – Wealth at the expense of never being HONEST…

It has taken over 50 years for myself too learn “many” big words, but once I could COMPREHEND all is a lie by those whom lead us in all (U.N. FLAGS) then I saw I have no loyalty too any RELIGION – GOVERNMENT – Schools of Thoughts cause they were {all part of} the deception, and their only job was to keep me and my people “trapped” in all this Malfeasance on the U-TUBE Social Media where everyone lives in FEAR of speaking the Truth that WAR IS MURDER,

and that murder is against the U.S. Supreme Court, and yet, only the U.S. Attacks, and Kills, and Sanctions other Countries over their FREE MASON Lies Agreed Upon, but no one dares to stand up to the NUCLEAR ICBM Holocaust Weapons of NASA!!!

Moreover, as I am now 55, and in this year of 2021 C.E. the spirits [will reveal] even more; it is the ability too LEARN BIG WORDS and use them when I read and speak that I learn ALL IS RUN BY INTERNATIONAL CORPORATE LAWS…

How foolish to think every WAR was about {Corporation Trade} and the Merchant Ships from the Book of Revelation where the FAKE JEWS of Hollywood gave all USA Production to China the RED DRAGON from the Bible, and that these Chaldean's aka FAKE JEWS own all the Corporation Capitalist from Google to Facebook to you name the next [Crypto] Banking Scheme with your OCCUPATION (COVID19) Tracer Apps as your children,

and their children will be raised in a world of ISOLATION till 2045, and by then so many HUMANS will be dead dead dead, that extinction is assured by 2077 to 2094…

There is no GLOBAL CRISES, there is only CORPORATIONS {Spraying our skies} with Toxic Waste Dumps, and I do not see any CAPITALIST Saying we [must stop] making Styrofoam and Plastic Crap to pick up our food at TAKE OUT only food establishments,

nor does the U.N. GOVERNMENT encourage (all people) too bring their own Empty Containers for FOOD and DRINK under Lock Down that would put an end to [the need] to keep making PLASTIC and Styrofoam Cups and Containers, and yet, these same U.N. Troops of the USA Military Media {NEWS} World Order Empire “can do” A Lie Agreed Upon: where all People and all U.N. FLAGS wear a mask for an illness that is a {fantasist ideologue} of misinformation, and youm wear the mask,

but when it really matters to save this world, youm will not {change your ways} too bring your own EMPTY Take Home Containers for FOOD and DRINK at all these Take OUT “only” establishments, so Purgatory will be Purgatory, and now you know why [the many] NEVER Find a Way OUT of Hell and Hades, and that NEW TESTAMENT Saying of (De-Ja-Vu) in this ORABORUS Curse that we all call: Forever and ever….

The Book of EXODICE!!!

When you know PLASTICS and “Styrofoam” are the cause of the Climate Crises, and still everyone from John Kerry too all (U.N. Groups) keep doing the McDonald’s to [Chick-fil-A] take out for more, and more, and more “Plastics” and Styrofoam cups and containers……., youm know we are but reliving the MEMORY of how [all the people] +=+ of Earth died out by “2077” let alone the last person to live in this world by 2094 C.E.

The Society of nonmason~

ONCE YOU KNOW ALL IS CAPITALIST, then you know “why” these CORPORATIONS destroyed this world in our [shared] living MEMORY aka DREAM of {what happened} too the people of earth, and how did a whole wide world (kill itself) for greed, lust, and desires…

The Sentinel…

Nobody pays attention: The WE THE PEOPLE will talk about “any” THING….., but the truth…

The Commander~

† ///|||\\\ Ω

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