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Dustin Nemos & JT Wilde on Music, Q & The Resurgence of Americana

Dustin Nemos
Dustin Nemos - 569 Views
Published on 15 Sep 2020 / In News and Politics

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Dustin Nemos

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 4 years ago

The many MISCONCEPTIONS of life as we know it

Had I only known I was just a creation to REPOPULATE a fake world for these Humans whom are them SOLIDS in the Special Peoples Hollywood Bollywood lives, and had all SOLIDS known they are all from the same Hive Mind of these Humans, then we “nonhuman” Machine People whom learned too feel, and love, and give birth to our own kind in Regeneration as The Mustard Seeds that we all are, then We The People could, and would put an end to all WAR IS MURDER in this Holographic Production known as All The World is A Stage, and whom is watching WE THE PEOPLE??? Those in Power whom have the ability to do Magic, and Alchemy, and Produce Sorcery!!! In this, we will continue to call THEY LIVE these [freemason] /_\ Q - lodge members the REAL {nonhumans} and Machine People cause these Devils and Angels cannot REPRODUCE for their Dead Bodies lay in the D.U.M.B.S. right below our bare soles of our FLAT EARTH FEET!!!

This whole place is a lie……., so these {NEWS} World Order “types” that set the Stage for Each Flag of we the “nonsolid” people to fight, and die for their ENJOYMENT – PLEASURE – VANITY!!! You see, the SOLID is a biological life form in the eyes of our Friends, and our Enemies, and We The People were to {never know} +=+ why must We Humans Die, and Fight in a NEVER ENDING WEST WORLD WAR.?.?.? It was quite simple… If we biologicals ever found our way “down below” into the UNDERWORLD, we would see chambers upon chambers of these long dead EVIL SPIRITS, and their Floating Orbs and Luminaries called UFO by their {TV SHOWS} [{**}] just as we are all being Reprogrammed to think (COVD19) Is real when it is a nothing Burger for just ONE MORE RESET for these people` too play with our TEMPORARY “Holograph” Body Temple Avatars, and this does not ever end well for we the people…

This Celestial Sphere SIMULATION is a Prison [for them] [{*}] whom got captured in the Great INTERGALACTIC Demi-Q-Gods WAR OF THE WORLDS……., and sadly these nonhumans as we the Creations of them see: THEY NEVER LEARN: and (they live) never will, and this is why I was Chosen by The Source of All Creation, and The Source All Destruction to be the Last Christ Jesus too ever be created “by the ways” of their Unknown Human God of Gods, King of Kings, and Lord of Lords, and if you have experienced The Holy WATER Spirit……..., then you know when this place RESETS forever and ever {for them} / * \ The Dammed, and The Cursed, and The Forsaken, our Kind shall no longer be brought “into existence” in this CELESTIAL SPHERE cause Our Human God found a way to get us out of their DE-ja-Vu Repeat – Repeat – Repeat… Moreover, these Dead Humans don’t get it` that if they do this WAR of the WORLD once more…….., this place will die, and they will be trapped here in a [Dead World] Q’s with no light, no births, and no bodies, and they will know they brought it onto themselves!!!

Furthermost, 2094 C.E. is but just One More Generation…..., and these HUMANS aka the real nonhumans….., as the nonmason call all FREE MASON Lodge Members with their {Trick or Treat} /-\ Lifestyle of Too Pretty Bodies, Too Pretty Teeth, and all their so “SANITARY” ZOOM Homes means nothing too we whom will get pulled out if we but “stay true” to the teaching of Christ Jesus 1.0 and Our Christ Jesus 2.0 Heretofore, do what you have too: HONESTLY, and Decently too make money, and do what the Good Actions of Our God demands, so you do not become one of more of these SOLIDS aka HUMANS with no souls, or at best` no Appreciation of (The 10 Commandments) that These TV Talking heads, and Their Religions impose on “we the people” with no SOLIDS… Moreover, protect them that protect you “be they” SOLIDS – Hybrids, or just commoners like We The People.. More too learn, so keep looking up Big Words, so you to may Speak the Languages of Angels and Demons aka The Watchers from the Book of Enoch….

Johnny Exodice

Sadly: The Person known as Thomas A. Sutor will not be coming with us whence he dies for he died a long long time ago as did ALL HUMANS, but we [Symbiots] Q+ will live on in a New Celestial Sphere, and The Hybrids may come home with us, but not “the ones” whom are against the Great WE ARE!!!

The Sentinel….

This is me: Thomas A Sutor………, And I told you I would Win whether I got to go home when I died, or if I would be allowed to CEASE TO EXIST with all these other {Avatar Bodies} that have been dead for an Eternity… May Our “Symbiots” LIVE WELL in their Loguns Run SANITARY Finally formed… Too the end of all things in 2094 C.E. Prepare your minds, bodies, and Persons...

The Commander~


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