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Durham To Produce Large Classified Discovery, Jen Psaki and Hillary Got C-19,Veritas Alleges DOJ Spied

Published on 23 Mar 2022 / In News and Politics

According to the Durham investigation a large volume of classified discovery will be released this week. Jen Psaki and Hillary Clinton both have Covid 19. Psaki has it for the second time. Ted Cruz and other Republicans grill Supreme Court Nominee Ketanji Jackson, question her leniency for sexual predators and certain cases she presided over as judge. Photos from Bob Saget's hotel room show a padded headboard on the bed and a carpeted room. How and where in the room did he allegedly slip and fall and hit his head? DOJ inadvertently publishes list of "clients" of Sarah Lawrence sex cult. Joe Biden speaks of a New World Order. CDC tells the New York Times it hid Covid data for political reasons. Joe Rogan points out how the left viewed Ukraine before the war and how they view it now. More News.


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Theroadtroll 11 months ago

I want travel around the world on airforce 2 with secret service protection.secret service lost 2-3 yrs of records on hunter.before Hunter gets dragged into court he will overdose.psaki don't want to go with Biden cause she knows what the plan is to off biden.putin claimed he had proof deep state is gonna off Biden and blame putin.then they can start a nuke war

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