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Dumb Protests Over Gay Shit Overwhelm Canadians Minds As Freemasons Secretly Collapse The Nation Into Their NWO

JamesRoss - 107 Views
Published on 16 Jun 2024 / In News and Politics

Do you see how it works?
The entire country is being pulled out from under the sheeple by the Freemasons/Luciferians and they don't see it.
Guaranteed... Freemasons and Eastern-Star minions are the ones who can ram these crap-conflicts into their limelight cameras. Their mass-media monopoly would just ignore the garbage, but they manufactured the garbage in the first place for promoting the destruction of the non-cUlt families' children.
Important things are replaced with stupid things to protest against.
Freemasons and Eastern Stars work together to help misguide sheeple-families into confusion.

When the trucker protest drove to Ottawa, nothing was done nor accomplished upon getting to Ottawa... it was all just an exercise of wasted effort and wasted protests.

Instead, organizing to replace corrupt politicians(Freemasons and Eastern-Stars in politics) would have began to change local policies, but as you can see, local stupid politics and protests over stupidity still prevails in the minds of the sheeple across the nation.

Behind the Freemasons is the highly organized Mystery School cUlt that is lead by the elongated-skull, ancient monsters of the species Homo capensis. They are kept hidden by the monopoly mass-media and museums all run by the Freemasons. If someone begins to expose the monsters, the Freemasons quickly assassinate that person.


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