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Dr. Simone Gold Says Hydroxychloroquine Actually Works (with Maggie Vandenberghe)

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Published on 01 Aug 2020 / In News and Politics

Maggie Vandenberghe (Aka Fog City Midge) is a conservative filmmaker and social media influencer
Today on Liquid Lunch, John Tabacco covered the hottest stories in the news. We kicked off Hour 1 with conservative social media sensation “Fog City Midge” who gave us the inside scoop on the recent White Coat Summit in Washington D.C. and how vital information regarding coronavirus is being censored by the media. Our next guest Graham Summers, who is a Chief Marketing Strategist http://PhoenixCapitalResearch.com, summarized yesterday’s Fed meeting and what it means for the U.S. economy. Republican candidate for Congress in NY, George Santos, pushed support for the NYPD who are being senselessly attacked on social media and sadly, in person. To close out the first half of the show, we were joined by local patriotic artist and activist Scott Lobaido. See what he had to say about Mayor De Blasio, who has been tearing NYC apart.

You think Hour 1 sounds exciting? In Hour 2, we dove into straight into the stock market, followed by nationally recognized legal analyst Teisha Powell, who told us why Kamala Harris would make a terrible VP for Joe Biden. Next, Wall Street vet Joe Hagan made his recommendations for hot investment opportunities and told us about exciting new programs that are taking place. Gavin Wax, the President of the New York Young Republican Club, gave his take on the madness surrounding the Marxist #BlackLivesMatter movement and how it has affected NYC. And finally, we dove into the rabbit hole and made some interesting connections between Ellen DeGeneres and Jeffrey Epstein.

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