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Dr. Sam Bailey: A Tribute To Dr. Stefan Lanka - “VIRUS, IT’S TIME TO GO"

Slawomir Slowianin
Slawomir Slowianin - 167 Views
Published on 22 Aug 2022 / In Health

Dr. Sam Bailey: A Tribute To Dr. Stefan Lanka - “VIRUS, IT’S TIME TO GO"

"This is a special video dedicated to the legendary Dr. Stefan Lanka. How did the virologist come to realise that the pathogenic viruses he was chasing did not exist?

We cover:
1. the misunderstanding of bacteriophages
2. refuting the HIV/AIDS dogma
3. the €100,000 measles court case
4. 7 points of how the virus story has already refuted itself
5. the end of virology....

“Most people are thick as two short planks, completely dissolved in cognitive dissonance and their long programmed belief system. You can show virology is a complete scam beyond any doubt but it's like a religion to these people. They love their murderers, and their 2 party communism in sheeps clothing. This video should have 500 million views, not 898 at the time of viewing. I am just glad there are people like you Sam and one of my all time heroes Tom Cowan, and the people who seek out this information because they know it's all BS and need to know they aren't the crazy ones.” - @MaxBlobs


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Beach Life
Beach Life 9 months ago

The virus was the excuse, control and domination by deep state dictators has always been the goal.

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