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Dr Ryan Cole MD, (FCAP AP/CP/DP) speaks at White Coat Summit #ClotShot

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Published on 09 Aug 2021 / In News and Politics

Dr Ryan Cole MD, FCAP, AP/CP/DP
Speaks at the White Coat Summit about the experimental injections and fraud going on.


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colomanintn66 2 years ago

BTW, the article he references was written by a philosophy major from Cornell. She has no background in medicine and had only reported on law, crime and court cases. She referenced how Dr. Cole misquoted reports done by others and misused their data. You will notice that Dr. Cole doesn't refer to anyone else's research or reports. He only refers to findings from his own lab.

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Rod of Iron
Rod of Iron 2 years ago

God bless America and men and women who will wake up their neighbors and all the people to the truth, of the tyranny of many who get power, and thus, money of large corporations (including many churches), or of school boards, local governments, state governments, and of national governments in so many countries. Thank you for posting this. Please look at the "Rod of Iron channel here on" and comment on videos you support and consider subscribing, and most importantly sharing the videos with those not on here and speaking up. Most of the videos are not allowed to be posted or remain up in other places. Please show support for everyone speaking up as I am showing my support for you. Thank you for your patriotism.

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