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Dr. Malone Full Speech = Defeat the Mandates Rally

Jess Sosnoski
Jess Sosnoski - 321 Views
Published on 24 Jan 2022 / In News and Politics

Dr. Malone Full Speech = Defeat the Mandates Rally

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 4 months ago

When G.O.D. uses you…

First and foremost, there can be {no God} Qballs~ /-\ with out first saying OUR GOD… NOT your god, my god, or their god only our god: Many think they have the [right] /_\ too say God Loves ME more then God Loves you.?.?.? If this were the case, thence, there would be no need for "any" Religions and any (Flags) because the IN GOD WE TRUST would have removed all the Bad Guys long long ago......., and all people that belong to THE GOD that is your God, My God, Their God aka OUR GOD we would all live in peace just as we did before Capitalism and Corporations on DAY 6 in the Book of Books!!!

You must [come to see] [{**}] My Angels and My Demons that GOD is not the Problem........., but G.O.D. is for G.O.D. means {GOVERNMENT OVER DEMOCRACY} +=+ rather then Government OF Democracy, and you do not need Republics, nor Communist, nor Federalist, nor Capitalist, what you need, and had was Day 6 in the Book of Genesis' long before you had` YOUR FLAG is not MY FLAG!!!

Since WE ARE and THEY LIVE "is and are" in Purgatory and the Dead Moon in the Night and Day sky of the (Firmament) of and for the DOME OF THE ROCK is what was - what is - what will be in the Book of Revelation being the AWFUL HORROR our Real Dead Home World as we walk here in our De-Ja-Vu of this Purgatorial, many Male only Religions have been made saying: FEAR YOUR GOD that is not OUR GOD, and whence you come {too see} [{*}] that God is neither Male, nor Female as the Book of Books says: Let us' meaning Plural` MAKE THEM meaning [ALL LIFE] male and female, do you see the Male Plants telling the Female Plants what too do.?.?.?

Take a moment too know Our God that is their God does not need MONEY to love you…

Once you know (Our God) made all Things Male and Female, thence, look at all the Male Mammals, Foul, Sea life, Animal Life, Wilde Life from insects too Bacteria, and things we don’t yet know, but do the MALES of [all life] Oppress their FEMALES, or is it only these CORPORATIONS of and for MALE Religions of and for MALE CAPITALISM of and for WAR IS MURDER whom do not give birth to WE THE PEOPLE and not {Our God} that says the ONES whom give birth too all humans' must be treated like Slaves` and Property' and 2nd Class Citizens???

Many things "happened" in the Days of Noah my Demons, and my Angels, and the first thing Youm My Angels, and My Demons must always EMBRACE is that (Our God) that is their God did not Write any INK on Paper Books` for if Our GOD that said: Let us Make them in Our Image' meaning all MALES and All Females thence why don’t the other [SPECIES] of Males treat their Females like shit as these Males that come from the Womb of their Mothers and our Wombmen as Capitalist of and for Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 do so do in their SUITS and TIES and Male Skirts…

Men are "nothing" without the Wombmen, and this goes for all life, and for men to {PUT ON} female Religious DRESSES and say: We Males with our MALE Made Religions will tell the [FEMALE] what to do whom gave birth to we MALES because we MALES Wrote ink on paper Books, so i can tell YOU what too do:

called Biblical Sabbaticals of lies agreed upon, and if you do not know what the word {Biblical} means when THE WORD Became Flesh, then how can you say MY WIFE is my Property!!!!

My Children are my Property!!!!

The one whom {gives birth} too MALES being the FEMALE shall do what we whom do not carry children too birth say: because some MEN wrote books too say WE males SPEAK FOR GOD when males don’t even know that word became Flesh, and Blood, and Bones means (MALE and FEMALE) and Mankind MEANS male and female, and that [PEOPLE] can only mean male and female, and yet our TV Screens now say 12 year old to 5 year old "PEOPLE" meaning our out of the Womb-man (Children) can ask for the COVID-19 #COVAXXED when a Child has yet to become a Grown MAN or Womb-man INFORMED Person come Age 18, and if 12 to 5 years old CITIZEN Children of our Employed Government are now to be Treated as [18 year old's] Citizens in the MILITARY, thence, it is time to give 12 to 5 year old Citizens "weapons" and send these Citizen CHILDREN off to do WAR IS MURDER of and for these {MALES} in their Suits, and Ties, and Skirts of and for Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030…

If that is how this world of CORPORATION WARFARE Works where OUR CITIZEN Children of 12 to 5 years of age are N.O.W. Citizens whom can ask at our Citizen Public - Private - Charter Schools we are told by OUR Employee Government Religion that OUR Children out of OUR WOMB are now Old Enough too ask for a Jab, then is it not time to let Children 12 to 5 years old Kill and Murder one another in these WAR GAMES for these Global Citizen internationalist rather THAN wait till Our God Citizen Children are 18 years of age to be TOLD go kill one another just like in your Video Games because WE Capitalist with our WAR IS MURDER FLAG whom are your Employee Government and Religion tell you CITIZENS what you can and can not do.....

Should you my people and "children" of Pak-Toe be told too Abort your ANCESTRAL Blood Lines like The Racka in MATHEW 5 of the New Testament GOSPEL because "MALES" say FEMALES have too Abort We whom {grow inside them} so CORPORATIONS aka Religions of so called GOVERNMENTS and these [Internationalist] FLAGS of U.N. Troops in our Home Lands can erase our Ancestral Blood Lines by ABORTION of our New Born Babies in the OLD TESTAMENT GOSPEL here in 2022 CE for People being our Children from the Future as Futurist from 2045 and 2077 in the Holy Sea of life made by Our God on Day 6 in the Old Testament GOSPEL???

Since you people ALL come from the WOMB of the Wombman male and female while your children play games of WAR IS MURDER of and for the Meta OMNI in these Days of Noah ONE LAST TIME....

In the NAME of Our God "Males" and Females what do you’m THINK about such Capitalist of and for Capitalism ways.?.?.? Are you NOTHING more then Property to the People youm employ as your LOCAL Government.......

The NEXT Time any Person wants an Abortion, say to them AFTER YOU SLAP THEM IN THEIR FACE!!!! whom gave birth to you' that you would DESTROY` your own blood line..., and the {Blood Line} of your Heritage???

John The Baptist~ ? ? ?

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Qballs?!?? Are you gay or something?

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