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Dr. Dolores Cahill Created a Career to Expose Masonic Corruption, but Doesn't Expose The Cults Roots

JamesRoss - 321 Views
Published on 14 Nov 2023 / In Health

Cahill began seeing the NWO corruption in her childhood and developed a career in medical science to try fixing establishment problems within Western Civilization. But.... Apparently Cahill still cannot call a duck "a duck" as she evades who "they" are... Freemasons, Knights-Templar, Jesuits, Vatican-minions are the "they" yet Cahill still calls them silly things like "The Commitee of 300" and the like... hiding the source of treachery behind elusive names. This is why she is likely still alive... she is afraid to call a duck a duck. Anyone who spends a life-time trying to figure-out the source of corruption who cannot discover the Mystery School Cult of thUgs and minions is not trying very hard or is just not quite all there. I immediately suspect "Judas goat" motive when a long time "expert" cannot see through the "fog of deception."

Problem I see is that Cahill blames Front Groups like "Committee of 300" rather than exposing the root of the corruption coming from secret societies like Freemasonry, Jesuits, Knights-Templar, Eastern-Star, upper Catholics, upper Mormons, scientologist, etc... This may be why Cahill was never assassinated like say, William Cooper was shot at point blank range by "police" behind the ear.

Cahill's Agenda2020 exposure to Tommy Robinson was not even believable by Tommy who knows how corrupt the system is... Cahill is worth the listening to understand just how organized the secret society freemasons are made to be by their ancient masters, Homo capensis.


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