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Dr. Carrie Madej: c0vid vaccines use exotic nanotech for tracking and bio-control, once injected with patented synthetic gene you are owned by Pharma

Slawomir Slowianin
Slawomir Slowianin - 543 Views
Published on 30 Jul 2021 / In News and Politics

Dr. Carrie Madej and Mike Adams talk about VACCINE TRUTH censorships and the EVIL AGENDA behind vaccination campaigns

Interviewed by Mike Adams, Dr. Carrie Madej talked about the continued censorship being experienced by people like her who speak the vaccine truth and oppose the use of experimental coronavirus vaccines in people.

She said it’s like there’s a coup happening, and we’re not being told about it.

While it’s a challenge to fight censorship, Madej said they will keep going on. She shared that they’re doing a 90-day tour around the United States that started May 15. The tour features different speakers in different cities talking about medical freedoms, freedom of speech,
constitutional rights and human rights.

Madej proceeded to talk about the bigger agenda behind the vaccination campaigns around the world. According to her, a corporation can technically own you overnight if a patented synthetic gene injected into you got inserted into your genetic code – which is possible according to
science. If that happens, Adams said, you will need to get permission from the corporation that owns the patent before deciding to reproduce.

Madej also noted the increasing number of miscarriages that happen following vaccinations.


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