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Dr. Byram Bridle Immunologist Exposed Fake Vaccines in 2021 And Was Harrassed By Freemasons

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Published on 23 Dec 2022 / In News and Politics

All universities are hiding spots for lazy, horrendous Freemasons, Eastern-Stars and other brainches of the Mystery School Cult.

Dr. Byram Bridle was attacked by the typical immature and pathetically-murderous wwCult minions and thUgs. I call them thUg rising a fake Utopia called "New Atlantis" or their New World Order. They are highly organized by the wwCult and thus they are "thUgs." Thugs on the streets are not organized to the level of thUgs who like to wear suits and ties and drink champagne after a successful culling operation.


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JamesRoss 6 months ago

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