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Dr. Bryan Ardis and Mike Adams Blow Open Truth on Mass Genocide - Dr. Jane Ruby Show

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Published on 03 Nov 2022 / In Health

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burnabyugetuber 8 days ago


acne only cause is hormone imbalance because of nutritional imbalance requires 50 different minerals and plant extracts

4 things destroy venom: Gluthathione, NAC, Vitamin C, EDTA 1000 to 2000

NAC, vitmin C, gluthatione inhibit venom
EDTA by itself completely destroy venom

If vaccinated, to remove, DAILY
5000 mg Vitamin C
NAC 2000mg
Gluthatione - optional because body makes this with NAC + 200 mcg of selenium

Bolivia brazil nuts - 8mgc/5g nut
East Amazon forest - average from studies 216 mcg/nut

Apple pectin powder - helps eliminate venoms from body and produce more gluthatione and also removes the radioactive cesium in vaccines 700 mg/day

β€œEverybody should be in apple pectin powder”

Nicotine - Most-protective element against all variants - No need for Ivermectin (second best binder). Do not take everyday; only when symptoms.

Zinc - Venom destroy zinc in body. Needed to replace zinc in body. Three venoms destroy only zinc.

Conjunctivities from venom in eyes from shower, tap water. High chlorine needed to destroy venom.

Makes venom more toxic

LOUD NOISES - causes venom seizure trigger, e.g. subways - vaxxed should wear noise-cancelling headphones

Hydrochloroquine by itself inhibits venom by 50%

Everyone should have nicotine in hand

Quercetin is inside fruit peels - if boiled, makes Quinine which became Hydrochloroquine

Ardis prefers wormwood to Ivermectin. Both have same mechanism. Use only if symptomatic, 5 days on, 5 days off, until symptoms are gone.

Jesse Hal (interview host) prefers Pao d'arco .. (herb)

If nicotine doesn't work, add a liquid extract of a plant Mucuna Prurienes- velvet bean plant.

Zinc deficiency symptom is loss of taste and smell. If not working, switch to a different form of zinc, along with Mucuna and nicotine. 50 mg zinc with breakfast, with dinner. Should restore taste and smell quickly.

Pulse oximeter hypoxia necessary to differntiate between regular cold/flu vs venom.

Loss of taste and smell is covid.

If no improvements in 48 hours, you're treating the wrong thing.

PCR tests actually used to ID venom.

All cotton swabs made by one company under military orders by Trump.

Diabetics with excess sugar allow E.Coli and yeast to generate venoms. Most-targeted population. Will die fastest. Buy Dr. Fung's β€œThe Diabetes Code”. Type 2 diabetest - 99% can be reversed in 6 to 10 months.

NAC prevents blood-clotting naturally. Most-powerful natural anti-coagulant.

Lupus is cured in 3-months by killing parasites in the spleen. Ardis website has the most-powerful parasite test. Link to all-natural plant-based anti-parasite capsules created bu Dr/ Omar Amin, parasitologist.

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Belfrey 8 days ago

Nice work.

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