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Dominion whistleblower exposes fraud, Apple to scan iPhones data, Black lights installed in US, Dr. Shiva’s lawsuit update, Vegan agenda exposed & More

3D to 5D Consciousness
3D to 5D Consciousness - 7,495 Views
Published on 09 Aug 2021 / In Spiritual

We have irrefutable evidence of election fraud being committed thanks to Dominion whistleblower and CodeMonkey. Apple to roll out technology scanning user’s phone violating people’s privacy. Black lights to be installed across US to identify the non-inoculated. Dr. Shiva is exposing Twitter’s collusion with Government and now Election officials. Game Changers and Vegan agenda exposed. Plus more important coverage on mass arrest and Trump.

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othala 3 years ago

Not to be a party pooper or anything. But seiten is allready old. Its not like the elite invented it. It comes from a village in i believe poland or romania or so baltic. They mix it with milk its part of there tradition. And BTW yes i eat less meat and only free ranged meat from local farmer. Not for my diet i started it because i cannot live and look away from what happens to the animals. My hearth hurts everytime i see that. Baby calf being stamped to death or trown around and stuffed in small plastic cages away from there mothers. Pigs in no walk cages being punched beaten.

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AK Kulis
AK Kulis 3 years ago

give a link when you say things like that. My daughter in law won't eat meat for the same reason, but she saaw those videos 25 yrs ago...

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jud lewis
jud lewis 3 years ago

Code Monkey

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expat1689 3 years ago

Awesom video Nyla... Thanks for your time bringing this to us.

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jud lewis
jud lewis 3 years ago


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jud lewis
jud lewis 3 years ago

She is way behind in her news

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