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Doctors Around the World Issue Dire WARNING- DO NOT GET THE COVID VACCINE!!.mp4

Hannibal Moot
Hannibal Moot - 32,861 Views
Published on 22 Jan 2021 / In Science
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gang 7 days ago


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Dive2663225 11 days ago

TREAT? how do you Treat a Common cold..Allergy Flare UP???? Cuz thats It If Anything!

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Bonne62 26 days ago

Supposedly a congressman just tested positive after receiving both shots. I live in a county in Missouri population 228,751 people, in one year 151 people died from they're saying Covid. The number of deaths are anything but a pandemic. I'm sure more people died from diabetes here than some b.s. called Corona.

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Truth Benevolence Forbearance

Yes yes and yes. And lets be honest, this is a genocide plan, that is, an attempt at a mass culling of human beings. Only those who are insane and or not human could do something like this!

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jscaldwell 1 month ago

Thank you for putting out this message. I'm worried their going to release a more deadly virus and then they will turn around and blame these good doctors for misinformation.

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