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Doctor Not Accepting Vaxxed Patients

Ponzie - 227 Views
Published on 10 May 2021 / In News and Politics

Dr Baker will not allow those dumb people who have taken the Covid shot to come to his office as to avoid harm to his staff and other patients.

If we ever needed a medical hero, this is the kind we long for.

Seen at Jim Crenshaw's channel (thanks to John Kaminski)

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Debaroonee 2 months ago

Chloride..oxide is the cure

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Ponzie 2 months ago

Will look into that

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SouthVA 757
SouthVA 757 2 months ago

I'd say it is a very reasonable request, especially to those who volunteered to take an unapproved treatment (under the influence of questionable mind-control tactics). I only wish you were a general practitioner in my area, and a dentist too, for that matter. I broke out two of my front teeth at work, but have chosen to suffer through the pain, rather than expose myself to dental personnel who have taken this experimental technology.

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