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Do You Have a Genetic Inheritance Waiting to Be Activated? (Teaser)

Sol Luckman
Sol Luckman - 142 Views
Published on 05 Jul 2022 / In Health

Do You Have a Genetic Inheritance Waiting to Be Activated? Explore This Question with Bestselling Author Sol Luckman in July’s Global DNA Series.

Sol Luckman here. I’m thrilled to announce that an extremely empowering interview I just gave to Acurda Melchizedek about how to heal and transform your life with the “revolutionary healing science” (NEXUS Magazine) of the Regenetics Method will be featured in the upcoming Global DNA Series IV.

Acurda has put together a remarkable interview series for July spotlighting 22 visionaries in the field of energy medicine and DNA activation sharing their pioneering work related to what I refer to (following Dr. Larry Dossey) as Era III, or Nonlocal, Medicine in my international bestselling POTENTIATE YOUR DNA.

Sign up today to learn more about numerous extraordinary breakthroughs relative to tapping into the potential inherent in our DNA. In so doing you’ll help shine a light on the next frontier of human evolution and freedom. By signing up you’ll also receive some amazing free gifts, including a complimentary ebook download of POTENTIATE YOUR DNA, so you can begin to take action immediately to activate your genetic potential.

All interviews are about 45-60 minutes in length, and you can listen from anywhere! My chat with Acurda, which went down a number of amazing rabbit holes, will be available on Thursday, July 21, at 10 am Eastern time ... But to whet your appetite, here’s an interview I gave last fall on Alfa Vedic that went into some (though by no means all) of the same territory:

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