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DO NOT Get Tested ~ Worse Than You Can Possibly Imagine ~ Ms. Celeste Solum Validated...Again.

Mary Tanasy
Mary Tanasy - 631 Views
Published on 18 Oct 2020 / In Film and Animation

Carmen Barnes - 2 Months ago
I'm so glad I watched this video. The company I work for sent out an email that we all have to be tested in order to come back to work or else we're going to be sent home without salary. Everyone's been going to a place that swabs your nose, I heard it looks like a mascara wand and they have one for each nostril and they watch you while you're doing it. I found it suspicious just like I find the one that they dig deep up your nostril suspicious because I know that microscopic nanotechnology exists. This just confirms it. I'm looking into paying for a saliva test instead because I need to save money right now before it gets worse. I don't know how much longer I can continue pushing all these implementations in order to have a job. The more I'm out there speaking to people I realize everybody is being brainwashed into complying with this tyrannical pharmaceutical medical government takeover.

Mary Tanasy - 10-18-2020
Two weeks ago, my brother had a mini-stroke and they took him to Shore Medical Center hospital in NJ and I told them specifically not to do any covid test on him but they illegally did the test anyway in the ER. I was very upset with them and a woman there simply tells me, it was negative. Since coming back home. His temper seems to flare up more. They should be sued for doing this to him.

From: APlaneTruth

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Puppykisser 2 months ago

Don’t let any bastard near your body! Check swab, nose swab, eyedrops ! Get tested my ass!

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