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DIY Aquaponics Build gets Water, Barn Door Art & Make Your Own Face Mask | Weekly Peek Ep229

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Published on 22 May 2020 / In Film and Animation

We get busy on several projects. Garen and Ellie get water circulating through their aquaponic system. Gary finishes the carving of one pantry barn door and Bree outlines the hummingbird for pouring in colored epoxy. Shae designs and sews a homemade face mask while Bryson helps his aunt install a water reservoir in her SUV. Stay healthy and safe!

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Bird_Therapist_by_Craig MacArthur
Hooky_with_Sloane_by_ Bird Creek
Arc_of_the_Sun_by_The 126ers
Barton_Springs_BY_Bird Creek
Potato Deal by Craig MacArthur
Hermanos_Ranchero_by_Biz Baz Studio
Bovi_by_The Grand Affair
Clover_3_by_Vibe Mountain
Baby_We_Did_It_by_The Whole Other
Licorice_Song_by_Endless Love
Bubinga_by_Quincas Moreira
School_Bus_Shuffle_by_Freedom Trail Studio

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