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Discover your frequency into enlightenment with Elke Neher

Reverend_maria Arvanitidis
Published on 06 Jan 2022 / In Music

A Spotify Podcast Moment;Brought to us from The Sovereign Light šŸ‘‰
Explore your authenticity by unblocking your heart and discover your frequency into enlightenment with Elke Neher
Elke Neher, is a creator in her own right, as a musical artist and Freedom Consciousness advocate. Elke was born in Tuttlingen, South-Western Germany moved to Bear River, Nova Scotia Canada, with her partner and 2 dogs in May of 2003. From early childhood Elke had the ability to see things from a broader perspective. Through it all, this ageless gentle and warm presence, continuously holds a strong and centred space, within her heart. With so many beautiful souls waking up from the human condition(ing), asking and starting to realize who they truly are.
Elke has opened her heart to the love of the universe and to invite you to do the same; through her many recordings and personal assistance.
Are you efforting to be something or someone you are not; instead of just interacting with each other, in a truthful, honest and honourable way? Elkeā€™s strong faith in all, who dare to be authentic, to stand up sovereign in their light, to guide; her support for you, to all join in and enjoy this multi dimensional reality together. Slowly but surely we hope that you can allow for your minds to unshackle and from society's grasp; because communication does not have to be so difficult. Love is the only answer and Elke can help you to find the way back home.
Do not hesitate to share your weaknesses and feelings of inadequacy; because that truly is the way to completion and full empowerment, for more personal assistance Elke Neher can be reached on her FREEDOM CONSCIOUSNESS website
Providing: *Private Appointments *Personal Recordings *Energy Work/frequency healing

to check out her store for many other packages at:

as well as her U-tube channel to subscribe

Elke can also be found on Facebook:

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