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Discernment and Choices in the New Reality with Lorenzo from The New Now - Auto Didactic Chats

Hip Gnosis
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Published on 11 Jun 2021 / In Film and Animation

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Lorenzo's Channel - The New Now

Discernment Blog Podt

Our Topic Today is ‘Discernment’.

In this video we discuss ten points, at least, to consider when seeking to discern information.

dis•cern•ment dĭ-sûrn′mənt-

‘’The act or process of exhibiting keen insight and good judgment.’’

Love, Respect, Intelligence, Perspective, Responsibility, Agendas (Yours and Theirs), Information Source, Proximity to Your Life, Historical Examples of Actions and Inaction, and above all, your honest feelings in relation to whatever information is being presented to you as ‘fact’.

I would say, if given the chance, look in their eyes. Words can be spun, and spelled, to share any perspective the ‘caster’ wishes to use to catch you in a ‘net of understanding’. But the eyes always shine, I have seen, with the light, or lack thereof, of honest ‘truth’ and ‘intentions’.

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Honestly, so much work over so many years to bring forth, what we see, as a better way to be, in that, our intent is Freedom and...

We Have Elected to Govern Ourselves.

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And a Big Thanks to Simon Haiduk for the Main Image Here Today.

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