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Dilara Esengil Exposes Hollywood Cult Recruitment

Sean Morgan
Sean Morgan - 4,869 Views
Published on 22 Sep 2021 / In News and Politics

In this exclusive interview, Sean Morgan interviews
entertainment lawyer Dilara Esengil about exactly how the satanic cult
infiltrates all our institutions, especially Hollywood and entertainment.
With a foundation of faith, Dilara has chosen to be a truth warrior in Los
Angeles despite the risks.

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Beau Lijah
Beau Lijah 1 year ago

I realize people are very frightened by this insane evil, but they have been given several opportunities to become aware; Wikileaks, Pizzagate, the Out of Shadows film, etc. It's like when a band-aid needs to be removed. You don't delay.

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mageew 1 year ago

The volume on her end was so low that I couldn't hear it.

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Beau Lijah
Beau Lijah 1 year ago

Be aware the default setting for volume on UGETube is mid-way. I took it all the way up and it was MUCH better.

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Winterinmn 1 year ago

Thank you, Sean. I always listen to your shows, and never miss Dilara.

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