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DEPORTED FELON w/ Warrant - Arkansas State Police PIT / TVI Maneuver (Tactical Vehicle Intervention)

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Published on 15 May 2023 / In News and Politics

Trooper's Report:

I proceeded to the 216 westbound entrance ramp on Interstate #40 and waited on the vehicle at my location. At this time,
Dispatch notified me that the vehicle was approaching the 216 westbound mile marker and would be a red S.U.V.

I observed a red S.U.V. traveling westbound at a high rate of speed, estimated to be traveling approximately 100 miles per
hour. I then proceeded westbound from the entrance ramp to get a radar lock on the vehicle and stop it. However, as I entered
Interstate #40, I visually observed the red S.U.V. approximately 1⁄4 mile ahead of me aggressively passing other cars on the
shoulder of the roadway.

I accelerated and activated my emergency lights and audible siren to catch up and get the red S.U.V. stopped. However, the
vehicle continued to drive aggressively and pass other cars, as I wasn't gaining any distance on the red S.U.V.

Due to the traffic volume, I passed on the shoulder within safer interstate areas where the guardrails weren't present. However,
after I realized I wasn't gaining any distance on the red S.U.V. and noticed the Highway Department was working on the
shoulders of the roadway ahead of me, I refrained from passing on the shoulders for the rest of the pursuit.

Troop D Dispatch notified Hazen Police Department of the pursuit, and Hazen Units set up at the 196 westbound mile marker
to intercept the red S.U.V. I notified the Hazen Units that I could only tell it was a small red S.U.V. It had a red licenses plate
displayed to the rear of the vehicle.

When I approached the 213 westbound mile marker, I completely lost the visual of the red S.U.V. As I came to the 199
westbound rest area, I noticed a red S.U.V. similar to the one I was previously pursuing in the westbound rest area parking lot. I
told the Dispatch and the Hazen Units I was going to make contact with the vehicle in the rest area; at the same time, Unit #204
with the Hazen Police Department notified Dispatch the red S.U.V. was coming by the 196 westbound mile marker and was
passing on the shoulders of the roadway.
I left the rest area and proceeded westbound on Interstate #40 to catch up to the Hazen Units, who were actively pursuing the
red S.U.V.

I could not catch up for the duration of the pursuit as it continued westbound into Troop A within Lonoke and Pulaski County.

Troop A Troopers ended the pursuit with the T.V.I. maneuver around the 152-mile marker on Interstate #40.
The driver (Tego Coldero) was taken into custody by the Hazen Police Department, transported to the Prairie County Jail, and
will face the following charges: 5-13-204 Aggravated Assault, 5-54-125 Felony Fleeing, 5-65-103B D.W.I. Drugs.

I also contacted Agent McDaniel with I.C.E.; issued a detainer on Tego Colderon for being a deported felon with an active

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