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Dems Amnesty Shot Down, Ramping Up Tyranny & Where Did All The People Go?

Jeffrey Keith
Jeffrey Keith - 125 Views
Published on 21 Sep 2021 / In News and Politics

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Sources used in video:

Dems amnesty for illegals shot down -

Washington State hiring a strike team for their quarantine camp -

Get off your knees, it's all political theatre -

Here's Potatohead in the 80's -

No end in sight with their tyranny -

It's all for your own good, in the name of health -

Where did all the people go -

Monoclonal Antibodies treatment given to Trump now available in UK -

NY Times forced to correct fake news about Ivermectin -

Are they ever gonna figure out the vaxx is the virus -

More and more evidence coming out that the vaxx is the pathogen -

The vaxx is the poison -

Texas hospital shutting down due to mandate -

Mass exodus of personnel in Indiana also -

Expect more of this nonsense from the Karens -

Why is this dumb bint at football games, I thought she was in charge of the border -

Shouldn't she be doing her job at the border -

Steve Inman -

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