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Democracy and Hierarchy

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Published on 30 Jul 2022 / In News and Politics

The political Left is always pressing the need to have a separation of church and state. Every society has different institutions (e.g., political, religious, academic, economic, etc.). In a totalitarian state, a leader controls not just the government, but fashions an integrated set of institutions. Primitive societies are totalitarian in nature, with the tyrant being, at one and the same time, the political leader, the religious leader, the legislative leader, the head of the economy, etc. As societies advance, however, a division of labor occurs and different people take on these varying roles. This creates a needful firewall between institutions and keeps any one man from acquiring too much power. Ironically, the Left (which worships state power) wants to remove these firewalls and create 'one integrated system'. And it wants to do so under the aegis of "equality". But, in making things "equal," they unwittingly remove hierarchies. Without hierarchies, you can't have civilization. Because civilization relies on the division of labor--something capitalism teaches us. (Which they also want removed.) By removing a division of labor, by removing the hierarchies that naturally arise from a division of labor, you ironically re-create the conditions for a primitive (and barbarous) society.

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Division of Labor - Adam Smith

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