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Deep State Breakdown with George Webb & Andrea Shea-King

Citizen Journalism
Citizen Journalism - 188 Views
Published on 17 Jun 2021 / In News and Politics

Join George Webb and the First Lady of NASA, Andrea Shea-King as they discuss how George's past investigations are rearing their ugly head again today. Exposing the deep state playbook is our daily mission.

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zarahdrew 1 month ago

The Zionist agenda ( Rothschild- Queen's privy counsel, blood line members via the opium ratlines, ) have been in China for hundreds of years. More recently, the foot soldiers of the NWO ( of the offspring of the above ratline runners) or CFR, bilderberger members with CIA, Mi5-6, UN and Nato who control all news media around the world. America is relatively new to China's development with Nixon. The diplomatic pouches, imo were a perfect way to spread that covid-19 bioweapon in advance to infect the world simultaneously.... while you continue to use our military as a patsy in being a vector ! NO ONE LOOKS at the Diplomatic pouches do they! BINGO- I do not believe this infection spread was from our military! It is more likely the mossad, CIA, MI5-6 doing war by deception for Israel's one-belt and road initiative. Bi-bi nutty yahoo bragged about being 2nd of 5 eyes and a technological giant infiltrating every electronic device and grid in America and do not mention this, GW. Why would our military be over in China willing to be used as a patsy, at the same time that the WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM was planning this infectious bioweapon spread with its slit pupiled FAUCI? AIM points out much more truth to the history of Klaus Scwabb's companies than you covering as a limited hangout here.

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