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Decisive Trump Card Played?

The Crazy Conservative
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Published on 17 Jan 2021 / In News and Politics

Is this the decisive move? It's not what you expected.

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MMcGil3 16 days ago

I trust the plan

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Cheech Barry
Cheech Barry 20 days ago


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jameszooski 21 days ago

If you can not see what was just said , after all you seen , and you do not TRUST these two GOOD men, just keep waiting for for the GREAT GOD to come down from the sky and fix every thing, that is just what happen in WW2 ,they prayed waiting for the DEATH TRAINS, prayed as they were gassed and burnt, it will not HAPPEN, OUR JOINT CHIEFS OF STAFF CARE MORE ABOUT THERE CASH ,POWER, CAREERS than the constitution and your freedom , not one west point graduate or marine general will stand next to you, but they will , all ready have TRUNED ON ALL CITIZENS OF LOVE AND FREEDOM , along with the courts, congress , police, they will take your GUNS, FOOD, WATER, POWER GRID, then time for a train ride , to uncle BAALS camp fire, I HAVE NO ANSWERS, but my old eyes are open, my dogs run louse, my fire arms are ready, even if I stand alone, LIVE FREE OR DIE WHITE MNTS , NH, U.S.A. !

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Cactisjack 22 days ago

According to General Flynn nothing was signed. We're on our own. Seeing the UGE damage biden is doing, I see ONLY the People can be brick walls throughout the country.

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jameszooski 27 days ago

Pentagon chief of staff just said for a 2nd time Biden is commander in chief, by way of the CONGRESSANDCONSTITUTION , 1ST ORDER WAS Jan. 12,2021 and will back him against all THREATS. so he dose have the N. codes. THERE IS NO TV MOVIE PLAYING

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