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Decision Point with Mike Glover and Kevin Owens

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Published on 05 Mar 2021 / In Travel and Events

We've been talking for a while now about how we are planning on enhancing our non-live fire training. We've been putting things in place to do so and are excited to announce new training courses.

Fieldcraft Survival introduces Decision Point. The process of breaking down key decisions that you would need to make in life-threatening situations. These courses will help you make life-altering decisions through the process of stress induction and tools like simunitions guns and virtual simulators, among others, to train your brain on how to act under duress.

Using these specialized tools you can push your limits and set up different scenarios and adding variables to enhance your experience.

Upcoming Training:
Decision Point: Concealed Carry Tactics (SIMS): 10 April 2021 (Heber City, UT): https://fieldcraftsurvival.com..../decision-point-conc
(SOLD OUT) Decision Point: Concealed Carry Tactics (SIMS): 13 March 2021 (Heber City, UT): https://fieldcraftsurvival.com..../decision-point-conc

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