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Daniel J Towsey
Daniel J Towsey - 639 Views
Published on 07 Mar 2021 / In Health

why wearing mask's is actually killing you rather then helping you

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 month ago


G4S will “collaborate” with you to advise on the best tools to automate your emergency response, business continuity, disaster planning and crisis management operations.


We offer technology (tools) [{**}] {MILITANTS} that will help you identify geographic areas with both current and potential COVID-19 “hotspots” where you may have a {high concentration} of employees or suppliers, allowing you to inform staff and [adjust] +=+ operations in the event of “local” outbreaks….... These tools provide information about local [policies] aka POPULATIONS and {closures relevant} to operations and supply chain as they happen.

The UNITED NATIONS U.N. Troops aka FREE MASON C.O.P.S. aka {G4S} and all their USA World Police CORPORATION Military Contractors are planning for [all out war] QBALLS~ /_\ on This Side of FLAT EARTH as these (INTERNATIONALIST) CAPITALIST impose Martial Law LOCK DOWNS since we [nonmason] [{*}] populations did their LOCK STEP for Phase ONE of invasion aka (COVID19) aka JADE HELM 15 [continuing] /-\ DEPOPULATION of all ROMAN Citizens in all U.N. FLAGS cause {THEY LIVE} know that [WE ARE] can see this gig is up!!!

Knowing, we of The Rag Tag Rebellion “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition always and only kill FREE MASON Lodge Members in (SECRET) and then destroy the bodies….

However, terms like [OUT BREAK] means the U.N. Will send in MILITARY Attack using the Uniforms and MILITARY of “your” perspective U.N. Flags Military {NEWS} World Order where Chinese Murdered all them “OUT BREAKS” in Hong Kong, and the U.S. Military of the U.N. has U.S. FLAG (military bases) in all Blue Eyed nations: too take out the remaindering BLUE EYED population of this “Northern” Hemisphere as they continue to {SPRAY OUR SKIES} to keep the SUN light White as these “invaders” of PROJECT BLUE BEAM aka using the TV as a weapon with all their (BLACK DOTS) for eyes “populations” are ready to take down [all humans] on this side of FLAT EARTH…

You know where to go to download the .pdf, and READ Them for the (Attack Plans) of all these ALIENS from the {Southern Hemisphere} known as THE WORLD POLICE of Peacekeepers in all CONTINENTS [Public] Police on this side of FLAT EARTH….

Code Pink…

#TheCrewRRR π ∞ Σ

READ THEM, know their FREE MASON [code words] like OUT BREAK – Hot Spots – Isolate people for TORTURE!!!!

This is their WORLD DOMINATION PLOT and time is up…

The Commander~ [///|||\\\] #JINX [{**}]


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