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Deadly Deception, Exposing the Dangers of Vaccines, a film by Gary Null

PowerTo ThePeople
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Published on 16 Jun 2021 / In Health

There is an epidemic, the likes that we have never seen in the history of this country. One in 6 children in America is learning disabled, one in 9 has asthma, one in 48 are becoming autistic, and millions more are suffering with brain and immune dysfunction, which can not be explained. Children are now exposed to more vaccinations than earlier generations. The number of vaccines is expected to increase dramatically with over 250 new vaccines in the pipeline. While there is an untold number of children and adults that have been injured from vaccines, most Americans remain skeptical of the fact that vaccines can and do cause injury, disability and death.

What will happen when vaccine-injured children, with brain and immune system dysfunction, reach adulthood and are unable to function in society? It is a tremendous cost burden to care for someone with a disability over their lifetime and the American healthcare system is incapable of handling the larger cataclysm that awaits as vaccines become mandated.

Conventional medicine claims that vaccines prevent infectious diseases and are proven to be effective and safe. We are that these diseases can be eradicated if the population is fully vaccinated to achieve “herd immunity.” However, does the science support these claims?

Executive Producer, Gary Null Ph.D.
Directed by Gary Null, Ph.D.
Produced by Valerie Van Cleve
Associate Producer, Richard Gale
Edited by Valerie Van Cleve

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