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DC - Dems feel that Republican Voters should be deprogramed After Joe Biden Takes Office.mp4

Dangerous Criminals
Dangerous Criminals - 396 Views
Published on 17 Jan 2021 / In News and Politics


I am not on any side rep / dem no side it is way to stressful for me . I will only comment how I feel about both sides , TRUMP .. He did alot for USA and I feel he is a great President ... BIDEN 1 word comes to mind [[ CORUPT ]]

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Paul Revere Dog Soldier

I see a lot of Republicans and former Democrats coming together in my area against the elite globalist who's only power seems to be through pushing propaganda through their fake news outlets and shutting down our collaboration through their ownership of big tech. We the people are more than 70% of American military forces and more than 55% of the masses in general. They may still own the banks and almost a thousand politicians, but if we continue to remove our consent to these predatory beings and agree to stop playing their game by their rules, they will fall by the way side. Right now it seems that the only ones falling for their depopulation agenda are their own ignorant supporters who live in big cities right under the 5FG and are complying w/ the RNA transhumanism vaccines and already developing a host of symptoms. The enemy of the people are backed in a corner and doing more harm to themselves and their supporters than to us and all they have done in the last 4 years is only revealing where they are and who they are. We may not have a voice or a vote anymore, but every time you spend a dollar you are voting. Be diligent where you spend your money. Even a lot of American companies have sold us out, like the American made knife companies who have been giving a big cut of their profits to the anti-2nd Amendment lobbyist. We still hold a lot of power and freedom of choice, we just need to educate each other and stand our ground like never before.

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"King Osirus "Chief Sitting Bull"

You Dick (Head)->Fake African American's Negros: Need To Take Your Treasonous [Acts] Back To South Africa: aKa MARS You Ass->(Holes) For Those Who Have Eyes To See?

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