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DANGER: Mega Companies QUIETLY Adding Crickets To Food: Crickets In Our Food

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Published on 03 Sep 2022 / In News and Politics

DANGER: Mega Companies QUIETLY Adding Crickets To Food: Crickets In Our Food
This Is Scarry Stuff!

Eating crickets could be pretty scary and dangerous for some people did you know that some big food companies are adding crickets to snacks bread cookies and many other things quietly?
That’s right large companies and industries are quietly adding crickets to food, it could be dangerous for some people as some people may have cricket allergies and the mega companies are quietly adding these crickets to the food that’s right crickets in our food pro cricket protein added to our food in some situations discreetly, when some people may have shellfish allergies etc. which could be harmful for them to eat. Eating foods and possibly having a food allergy issue with that food and not knowing about it could be dangerous.
Are you guys preppers or just interested in good information you can always find great information from Prepping channels like preppernurse1, Alaska prepper, Canadiann and prepper, many are saying that prepper are not a proper things are turning out like Soylent Green movie.
So be on the alert for the word a Chata, or household cricket in your foods that’s right house crickets Bing ground up into cricket proteins which means crickets in our food, bugs in our food essentially, although they are high in protein crickets many people like Canadian prepper Alaska Prepper will tell you that it is being secretly added in some cases, coming about fast especially in places like Canada and Australia, is it the WEF? Many of the snack industries are definitely putting out a lot of cricket based cookies and bread, are you in the eating bugs? To me it’s an SHTF food situation that’s right crickets and the food is not something I’m personally interested in food shortage or not. Preparedness is going to be my key against eating crickets, for SHTF 2022 I’m gonna be prepped for 2022

ACHETA DOMESTICUS, or house cricket flower or cricket flower watch for those things on the ingredients also another warning out there is bio engineered food, that’s another thing that you might want to look into it could be a matter of you eating who knows what, be sure to read your labels, it is so important these days to do your research and read the labels of your food, whether it’s a food shortage or not Walmart food shortages Costco food shortages any kind of food shortages or empty shelves be sure to be read in your labels you could see Foods that are expired or you may see things in the ingredients that you do not want to feed to your family, so when stocking up your prepper pantry and considering SHDF foods and prepping foods be sure to read the labels of your food that you buy at the grocery stores. And like I said empty shelves are not cricket food cricket flower better consider this cricket warning this is a message for preppers in 2022 and everyone else.
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Anna S
Anna S 9 months ago

Max is a good guy… he’s been a truth teller for a very very long time.. thank you for the info. It would be nice to know what products to avoid!

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