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D-DAY REENACTORS Conneaut, OH - Profound Images + ABIDE WITH ME

Ann M. Wolf
Ann M. Wolf - 357 Views
Published on 08 Jun 2021 / In Travel and Events

REENACTMENT TEAMS ARE AMAZING! In addition to remembering and honoring our D-Day heroes, this video could also be considered a Tribute to War-History Reenactors who perform a miracle, each event. It takes a MASSIVE EFFORT to pull off a reenactment, with much attention to every detail of costume and uniforms, housing, weapons, heavy vehicles, and equipment, etc. As a result, the reenactments keep these auspicious turning points for our Nation in view. Attendees can learn much by touring through the soldier's campgrounds and by watching the different battles playout. God cover these volunteers and lead them as they keep this amazing work going.


Song, "Abide with Me" is sung by Ann M. Wolf
This song was written by Henry Francis Lyte and is in the public domain.

The song is a track from Ann's album “Redemption” © Copyright 2016, BMI
Re: CD (Arrangement & Production) with all rights reserved.

Song, "Abide with Me," is arranged and produced by Tracy Collins

Photography by Ann M. Wolf

Film edits by Ann M. Wolf

Movie background music, "Nostromo," is by Alex Mason – FMA

This video is not for sale, but available to stream from any of Ann’s video channels, on a non-profit basis, for educational purposes.

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