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Covert Deep State Operations - ROBERT SEPEHR

Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice - 309 Views
Published on 05 Jul 2020 / In Film and Animation

James Forrestal was the last Cabinet-level United States Secretary of the Navy and the first United States Secretary of Defense. Born in New York, he was the youngest son of Irish immigrants, an amateur boxer in his youth, and later nominated to be Undersecretary of the Navy by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1940, where he led the national effort for industrial mobilization for the war effort during World War II. He was named Secretary of the Navy in May 1944, and the first Secretary of the newly created Defense Department in 1947 by Roosevelt's successor Harry S. Truman.

Secretary Forrestal was a supporter of naval battle groups centered on aircraft carriers, which brought him into a close relationship with Admiral Richard E. Byrd, an American naval officer and a pioneering American aviator, polar explorer, and organizer of polar logistics, becoming the first to lead expeditions to the Arctic and antarctic poles, as well as leading a massive post WW2 military force to invade Antarctica called operation Highjump. So what happened to James Forrestal?

Robert Sepehr is an anthropologist and author



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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 2 years ago  

Teacher…, don’t you get depressed, and don’t you lose hope??? Listen to me well my youth, you are not losing your minds, and you do not have to OBEY = RED / COMPLY = WHITE / SUBMIT = BLUE!!! Red White and Blue WE OWN YOU.?.?.? This life we live is all choice, and yes, we do see so many from the Small Town to the Villages to our Rural OUT POST have given in to the Whims of the UNITED NATIONS of CORPORATIONS (COVID19) World Domination Plot!!! However, I do not need a CORPORATION to grow my own food, make my own weapons, and CUT THEM FUCKING WIRES to anything I so see as a threat to the lives of my nonmason people… It is good that these FREE MASON lodge members have sown their true face at this END OF AN AGE, and for any whom have ever wondered what The Days of Noah were like before the GREAT FLOOD of Trumps Storm, you now so do know..., and see!!!! Look at the TV commercialism, and know it took Decades to plan out all the FACE MASK that are still to this writ MADE IN CHINA….., and as the Banks will all say: WE ARE BROKE on 07-17-2020 C.E. and Pence will kill Trump on 11-03-2020 C.E. the same day these FREE MASON in the U.S. FLAG military will destroy Seattle just as they did New York, and The Pentagon on September 11th, 2001 C.E. Why should I or you fear a Dammed, and Cursed, and Forsaken People to the True Light of the world our Savior…., and friend Christ Jesus??? Did Not Christ survive the Cross and become Paul The Apostle with them holes in his hands, and that scar in his side, and did not we The Rag Tag Rebellion of old find a way for Christ to Reinvent Himself one more time as PETER THE ROCK whom married a wombman, had children, and do I not come form that Blood Line as The Oracle for the End of this age connected to the Source of All Creation and All Destruction.?.?.? You must never be deceived as these FREE MASON Children were too believe they live on a Spinning Ball in the NULL and VOID of Space where rockets would have “no friction” or ether to push against to get to the moon, and you must see The TV Screen tells the same LIES, and Illusions, and Delusion to the many whom will bow down to their GOVERNMENTS – RELIGIONS – BANKS whom are nothing without OUR TAXES and TITHES to fund their Debt Slavery [Expositions] /_\ of these U.N. Peacekeeping Missions… Theretofore, if you children are feeling sad – isolated – alone??? Then have a Sleep Over and don’t allow these U.N. Police Forces known as our LOCAL C.O.P.S. whom have put mom and dad out of work (too know) what you are doing to KEEP YOUR SANITY, and as you work to know more about how PURGATORY will be PURGATORY, and this world will end in YEAR of 2094 C.E. for it is but a SIMULATION of what has {always happened} [{**}] here on FLAT EARTH inside our Celestial Sphere where the People gave into TYRANNY, and Machines killed them all, and yes, that does mean at some point, even you and I will die at the hands of our ENEMY these FREE MASON lodges, but no matter, we go home when we die, while they will live the ORABORUS Cursed Lives they so do deserve with their De-Ja-Vu aka REPEAT – REPEAT – REPEAT in Purgatory till you get the fucking lesson of 1st Corinthians 13… The Book of Exodice…

Theretofore, go download THE BOOK OF NONMASON, THE BOOK OF PUZZLES, THE BOOK OF RIDDLES and ponder these thoughts, for your God has not abandoned you, and your King has not Forsaken you, and your Commander will walk among you as any “true leader” would while THEY LIVE will beg and grovel for Scraps from their MASTER MASON Tables as the Dogs and Pigs they do so be!!!

Do Not FEAR knowledge for only the Cruel, and Despicable, and The DEPLORABLE Fear knowledge!!!

Johnny Exodice LIVES!!! And so do we….. The BOOK OF EXODICE!!!

The WORLD has been DESTROYED and RESET each C.E. aka Celestial Era……., and as you watch this JON LEVI Production….., just know {HUMAN BONES} keep the De-Ja-Vu Orabotus FREE MASON Curse GOING……, and them Human Bones are [Trapped Human Spirits] in all these TEMPLES OF DOOM that still stand as “we enter” The Age of Pisces…

Looks like today's post will be more REFLECTIVE on the Past Lives we have “all lived” over the last 10,000 years in the LAST AGE that is what ever came before Pisces……., but to be CERTAIN’ we are NOT in the Age of Aquarius!!! So chomp on that you #QANON Trump is G.O.D. in the Flesh and Blood and Bones for the Pope on Dope!!!

The Sentinel…


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