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Communists Have Already Taken Over The Western Civilization... Wake-Up

JamesRoss - 174 Views
Published on 17 Apr 2024 / In People and Blogs

The Freemasons are in a big fake-politics club... your votes mean little to them... they are now the Brainchip-Hivemind army of secret thUgs who genocided your sheep with clot-shots...

Sounds nice, what you say, in a non-cult, honest world, but the Freemasons thrive on deception and lies and they ran the education system for 100 years... you were "educated" by them and they have you thinking in the wrong direction.

The political system need to be rooted out as fundamentally corrupt... Cancel all the traitors authority and start from scratch again before the communist takeover-collapse.

US Freemasons are the same as every other country... they don't need their lodges since all Luciferians running the West are in a Brainchip-hivemind army conducting WWIII against the sheeple.

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