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Communist Chinese Top Suspects In Massive AT&T Cell Phone Outage

Joe Ayers
Joe Ayers - 143 Views
Published on 25 Feb 2024 / In News and Politics

Cell Towers Down Due To Chinese Cyber Attack, Globalist False Flag, Or Security Failure? Next The Shot Heard Round The World: President Bukele Of El Salvador Declares War On The New World Order! Then The New World Order zealots are feverishly digging themselves out of a bottomless pit. What had been deemed conspiracy theory two years ago is now being passed off in high gaslighting hubris propaganda circles as common knowledge. As if the minions of the Big Pharma perpetrators finally read the Nuremberg code after seeing the horrific data of skyrocketing insurance claims, an explosion of blood clots, Vaccine injuries and millions of deaths. Cowering behind the media curtain, realizing they have rivers of blood on their hands. While recent chaotically panicked developments concerning Red Cross blood donations revealed that the pure bloods or unvaccinated are receiving vaccinated blood. Simultaneously, the Red Cross is banning those vaccinated with certain Covid vaccines from donating. Next Patriot Truckers Plan To Expand New York City Boycott Against All Blue Zones. And finally Matt Baker is with us today to share the details about his wife who received vaccinated blood in a transfusion and wound up with a severe vaccine injury. Support Matt by following him on X at Slave_2_Liberty or his channel on at Slave2Liberty.

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hatbox 2 months ago

Wow. I'm shocked.

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