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Clayton Llewellyn of Heaven's Harvest Talks Alot of Famine Sense, Good Job Josh Sigurdson(WAM)

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Published on 20 Feb 2024 / In Non-profits and Activism

Depopulation agenda being forced unto the public by destroying the supply chain, energy grid and overall sustainability while blaming it on "climate change" and preaching sustainability-sabotage by Freemasons in positions of authority.
John Podesta is replacing John Kerry as the new US climate envoy as the attack on farmers continues worldwide. With bans on nitrogen, fertilizer, feed and more it's quite obvious there is a concerted effort to starve out the world. There can be no other conclusion drawn.
Thousands of farmers are standing up and protesting throughout Europe with little to no media coverage. A revelation is taking place in the minds of the common taxpaying non-cUlt-sworn people. Their governments are all infiltrated and run by treacherous Luciferian Freemasons and Eastern-Star minions to Homo capensis:

Subscribe to a bucket of 25 year store-able food per month. But I would suggest you get stocked up ASAP. North American will very quickly degrade to another Venezuela Communist-State because the Freemasons and Eastern-Stars are already railroaded into all government positions. It you didn't support the NWO socialist thUgs in Venezuela, then you were put on the starvation list.. Freemasons do not care for the sheep anymore... they call them goyim, now.

Listen to Clayton closely, he is a truther providing a important service.


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