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China Offers to Fund Silicon Valley Dam | Trailer | China in Focus

Published on 06 Sep 2023 / In News and Politics

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China is proposing a deal to fund a nearly $3 billion dam project, located in Silicon Valley's largest water district. What's motivating the investment?
Land grabs, cyber malware, and spies: a communist threat is operating right under our noses, and it's known as the Chinese Communist Party. Unlike dangers posed by a real war, Beijing's "weapon" doesn't take the form of a swift invasion, but rather, a long-term infiltration. Just how deep does the rabbit hole go?
Topics in this episode:
China Offers to Fund Silicon Valley Dam
China's More Than 300 Foreign Dams and Why Beijing Is Funding Them
China's Stake in the American Power Grid
U.S. Countering Chinese Buy Ups of U.S. Land With Bills
Influence at China's Fingertips: Why the U.S. Wants to Ban TikTok
China's Huawei's New Phone Triggers Concerns
Are Electric Cars a Chinese Hacking Risk?
'Generation That Doesn't Know What's Right or Wrong': Frances Hui on Hong Kong's Youth Under CCP Control

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China Offers to Fund Silicon Valley Dam | Trailer | China in Focus

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