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Catherine Austin Fitts: Legal Tools To Fight Vaccine Mandates

David Knight
David Knight - 1,282 Views
Published on 02 Jul 2021 / In News and Politics

Catherine Austin Fitts,, on free legal forms to go on offense to defend your rights, calculating the financial risks from vaccines and an app to help you to calculate the value of physical gold and silver so you can bypass collapsing central bank fiat currency

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Boetie 3 months ago

Good interview but I would not count too much on the law in USA since most judges are part of the Free Masonry and satanism or evil zionist neocons. So try to use them but the real thing that will change the situation when you dumbed down Americans start kicking out of power the evil corrupt eugenicist politicians and take over evil criminal organizations like the FDA the CDC the EPA the DEA and the USDA. You cannot sue the criminals by the way thanks to this evil s o b Ronald Reagan. The GOP and DNC have no competition and BOTH are controlled by evil.

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Crash45 3 months ago

The funny thing as time goes on you see the cult of personality in both political parties. The rhetoric may sound different but the status quo always remains the same

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