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Carrying With One In the Chamber: Good Thing Or Bad Thing?

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Published on 10 Apr 2021 / In News and Politics

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Is it safe to carry with a live round in the chamber of a concealed pistol? Does keeping ammunition in the chamber harm your gun? Will you have time to chamber a round in a self-defense situation? Kevin Michalowski, Executive Editor of Concealed Carry Magazine answers these common concealed carry questions by demonstrating with his personal firearm.

Topics in This Video About Carrying a Concealed Pistol With an Empty Chamber:

00:00 Introduction
00:53 Police officers carry with live ammunition chambered in their duty weapons.
01:13 Is it bad to carry a 1911 “cocked and locked?”
01:44 Is it safe to carry concealed with a round in the chamber?
02:40 Kevin demonstrates how awkward it would be to have to expose, draw, charge and fire a pistol in a self-defense situation.
06:22 You won’t have time to remember to do all the required steps to chamber a round.
07:00 THE ONE BIG ARGUMENT is a misconception. Find out the real reason the Israeli Army used to train to carry without ammo in the chamber of their sidearms.
08:35 Recap of the important points about carrying on an empty chamber.

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