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Capricorn One (1977)

Belfrey - 202 Views
Published on 30 Apr 2021 / In Film and Animation

The faking of a moon landing. Revelation of the Method?

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AK Kulis
AK Kulis 2 months ago

OK, pretend I'm a professional writer/ critic.

Tonight, I turned off the usual: political, medical info & news channels.
Thinking maybe a movie, after nearly 3 years, might be what I need right now.
Tonight, I ignored the open tabs of internet shopping sites that I had not completed checking out from. Ignored the video venues that (I hope) censor the least...
I poured myself a glass of wine (who am /I kidding? The whole 1.5 ltr bottle is next to me, with my big ghetto glass full of ice & straw), ready to just SIT, forget the day, the week, my shattered wrist tendons in brace to immobilize me, minimize the pain.......
And the 1st thing I notice, is I haven't seen this movie before.
I disconnected the TV approximately 5 years ago, deactivated Facebook, got booted off Twtr, stopped visiting Pinterest, & have not checked in on Netflix in abt 3 yrs... I think.
All I do now is research - Everything, & follow Q.
& the news (real & fake), compare channels, venues, behavior of all the sides. & discern.
So this movie is refreshing.
Because it is likely true. But fictionalized.
I have learned that the evil ones, for whatever reason, MUST tell us what they're doing. And by not stopping it, we (passively) CONSENT. According to them, we MUST consent. I DON'T.
I saw people I had loved or known in TV, movies, the past, were here. Brenda Viccaro. Wasn't she in a few Rockford files? Telly Savalas - I really liked him here. No Kojack lollypop. OJ, before he was killing, committing crimes & hated by the world. Sam Waterston, before he was the self righteous DA in Law & Order... & Hal Holbrook, before marrying Dixie whats her face from Designing women. (Wait --Carter?) Even the editor and the "new tenant" were welcome & familiar faces from 70's TV and movies. But the best? I do not remember having had a crush on James Brolin, but I should have; & had I not been working, smoking pot, having parties, cruising Alki Beach, racing on Holman road, & running home in between to see the new show -- SNL -- before heading back out to party some more, I might have.
This was good & engaging movie. Unlike now, I have no complaints about anyone's acting
James Brolin. Before he became the 2nd Mrs. Barbara Streisand and was totally muzzled. Before he had to pretend to be a supportive Libtard to the "little woman" or just had to stfu because he really wasn't. I don't know.
Makes you wonder if this is when he met her; perhaps Elliot Gould (the FIRST Mrs Streisand) introduced them, or if it was later. But to have BOTH husbands appear in the same movie? How many coincidences before it becomes mathematically impossible? LOLOLOL.
BUT. Not only were these ppl I had grown up watching (again, who am I kidding? Charles Bronson was THE ONLY THING besides SNL in the 70's that kept my eyes glued to the TV; mostly the TV was just on in the background at my uncle's place while I put on my makeup to go out...
We were young. We missed a lot. Except when my James Bond crazed uncle wanted company at the movies, & I was bored. I learned who did the music to all of those...
TV? The theater? Wonder what else I missed.
Movies like this were waking up my mom in the days before internet was around to alert us to the truth, the possibility of government lies. Predictive programming. Truth before it happened. We know now.
The flaws?
1: WHO WOULDN'T SEARCH EVERY INCH OF THE PLANE (for anything, +) CHEESE & CRACKERS BEFORE ABANDONING IT??? For God's sake, some past passenger might have dropped an airplane bottle of Crown in there! Or a first aid kit or maybe even check for a RADIO (which may have garnered help or helped the enemy locate them, but I digress. THEY NEVER LOOKED FOR ANYTHING AT ALL.)
2: Of course the black guy dies first. VERY predictable. That's a given.
3: What was edited out? Deliberately show us the gun lost in the sand then never show a circumstance where he needs & looks for it. Should have edited that part out too....
4: "You go north, I'll go west, You head south". Then south & north go in opposite directions. Had to actually stop to replay it, run it for accuracy in my mind. Pour more wine. Get the pork rinds. Rethink it. Forget the pork rinds. I have chocolate. NO PHYSICAL WAY the opposite one could go north if the other was going south --- according to the guy (Brolin) giving the orders while HE went west...
The end was predictable but would completely RUIN THE ENTIRE THING AND put me in a bad mood had it ended differently. Even the adrenochrome / pedovore Hollywood crowd knows that happy endings are the most successful box office hits.
In conclusion?
I loved it. The burying himself in the sand was reminiscent of Rambo survival type antics, as was the killing & eating of the rattlesnake. The end, where he interrupts his own funeral; classic.
But where's the "Oh God, now I have to kill myself" look from Holbrook? Missing. & the details of what happened to Elliot Gould / the reporter's friend, his own car, etc. Someone should pay. Justice is missing here.
The moment where Gould & his gf run into each others' arms... missing.
Guess they ran out of time.

Please play more.
I love this channel. Now, even more so.
thx. : )

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Belfrey 2 months ago

Well said. And I appreciate your compliments on the channel.

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Belfrey 2 months ago


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