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Candy O has escaped the Cult - John Thor

Texas Outlaw
Texas Outlaw - 96 Views
Published on 07 Jul 2024 / In Science

It appears that while the Truth may be slow, it will get there eventually!
Personally, I wonder what this revelation will do for Candace's support for Trump, the "Father of the Vaccine" and of "Space Force"

There comes a time when you are on this journey, that you must realize that all "countries" and their "governments" are not only illegitimate, but they are all working together, as they work against their own people!

These people are working directly for the fallen angels in my humble opinion
what do you think?

Now everyone needs to realize that they have been enslaved by the "maritime admiralty law" slave system that is operating in courts around the world!

The entire system is based on #Fraud. MEN and WOMEN do not fall into the JURISDICTION of maritime admiralty law when they are on the land folks!

But through trickery, deception, and fraud, these people are claiming that you "consented" to being ruled over under maritime admiralty law!

How can you "consent" to something you don't even know exists?
The entirety of the system is based on FRAUD, and it is run by criminals.

I believe that it's about time for the people of the world to wake up to the truth and seek justice for the perpetrators of this crime against humanity!

And if nothing else, remove themselves from their jurisdiction and break the chains which have bound them for a lifetime!

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