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CANCER Hates this Diet [Keto Prevents & Treats Cancer] David Harper, PhD

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Published on 30 May 2023 / In Health

What is the best diet for cancer? Published & ongoing research is showing that a ketogenic diet is power for preventing & treating many types of cancer.

David G. Harper, PhD is a science educator, researcher, and technology CEO. He holds a BSc. and Ph.D. from the University of British Columbia in mathematical bio-fluid dynamics and completed a post-doctoral fellowship in comparative physiology at the University of Cambridge. He is currently an associate professor of kinesiology at the University of the Fraser Valley and a visiting scientist at the BC Cancer Research Center, Terry Fox Laboratory. He is on the scientific advisory board of the Canadian Clinicians for Therapeutic Nutrition and is a member of the Institute for Personalized Therapeutic Nutrition. As a Visiting Scientist at the BC Cancer Research Centre, Terry Fox Lab, his current research focuses on the therapeutic benefits of ketogenic diets for women with metastatic breast cancer.

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Bodhi Searcher
Bodhi Searcher 4 months ago

This information on Keto is very helpful. Dr Berg knows his stuff. So many great success stories are being had with Keto.

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