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Can you grow in only compost?

eeZee ~ goingb0nk3rs
eeZee ~ goingb0nk3rs - 113 Views
Published on 20 May 2024 / In Health

I've long been a HUGE fan of Charles Dowding. A rainy Saturday morning with a cup of hot coffee and Charles' soothing voice sharing his latest No Till and Compost gardening techniques? Count me in! As a result of the influence from Charles, I started using tons of compost in my beds. And this season, I decided to actually run a little experiment to see how growing in 100% compost compares to growing in a more traditional soil blend. I planted the same vegetables and kept every variable the same - and in the video below I share the results of how growing in 100% compost performed compared to the soil blend!

How to make Hot Compost:


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ME who found and want to support it but spreading it just like the food and the knowledge, I am just a beginner SO PLEAASE,,help me how to grow and what to do, URL's of sites or other video's much appreciated!! Here in Belgium its now all coloring RED for PFAS and PFOS, which bring with it everything is so called already poison, also south in the grench side there is market inspecters, and if you didnt grow from THEYRE seeds (Montesanta!!) and you are selling or even just GIVING away fro FREE your TOO much!!! They now have inspectors doing all the farmer markets investigating everything, AND if they find one cucimber which isnt straight or anything grow naturally from the seeds you got, it means an INSTANT 450 euro fine for each produce!! thats 500 dollars for you Americans, can you even belief this? I have got prove if you want!!, A small sample before i stop is a friend has 6 apple trees and put 6 buckets of juicy red apples outside for people to help themself at it, she got visited and luckily only got the 1 450 euro's fine!!! Your ment to throw it away, its all poinsoned by THEM and we are TINY, meaning the complete country is RED and you cant trust the rain no longer so it has to be done now with filtered rainwater under plastic covering and hoping they dont find it yet!!! H E L P !!!!

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