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California and the 2nd Amendment featuring the Vines. I chose this band's songs message @thevines

Cav Trooper 19D
Cav Trooper 19D - 204 Views
Published on 01 Feb 2023 / In Firearms

A video for all Americans to think about. I want to see every American no matter Gay, straight, the pronoun you identify with, skin color, creed, religion, and etc. None of that matters to me! I love all my American brothers and sisters and want you to consider the option of self protection. This video is intended to bring awareness and love to all Americans! Because at least one a damn about you! I want to see each one of you live to a ripe old age!
Tyranny doesn’t discriminate! Casein point...the Nazi regime may seem like the discriminated against only the Jewish people. By a large they did, but NOBODY was safe!!! “Mentally feeble” (by nazi opinion), gypsies, slavic peoples, communists, catholics, and etc! Not EVEN THEIR OWN PEOPLE WERE SAFE! Anybody that remotely spoke out of line was interrogated by Gestapo! Neighbors informing on other neighbors! Execution of their own leadership as power struggles within creates a “thinning effect.” NOBODY was safe! This all grew steam when the German citizenry was DISARMED! History repeats itself and if that happens again it like those lives were lost in vain! We are meant to learn from these mistakes of the human race! Never vote for a dismantling of the 2nd Amendment!

*the band "The Vines" has no affiliation or stance on my message about the 2nd Amendment. I chose their song independently of them because I felt the music and lyrics fit so well. Thank You for the great music you make, The Vines.*

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