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Calgary-Prepper + TechPrepper (Ins and Outs of Blackout Prepping)

JamesRoss - 107 Views
Published on 12 Apr 2024 / In How-to and Style

Maybe TechPrepper was encouraged by his buddies who already owned G90s, too.
CalgaryPrepper is already preparing to jimmy-rig handheld rechargeable in short supply and only has mobiles in his ham-shack for versatility.

Poor preppers have no clue about the Freemason and Luciferian brainchip-hivemind conspiracy to take-out the resistors first. They call themselves human2.0 because they have meetings within their heads as a ritual... they call it the metaverse which is linked to the Sentient World Simulation and get instant feedback through Ai's control over the internet of things.

China's hackers attacking US online facility is just a smokescreen of fake confusion. Ai can track me instantly everywhere I go in Canada... and the USA is likely more surveilled and controlled... you don't suspect that Ai runs everything already so when a coincidence occurs you don't notice that it was rigged by Ai to happen... like car crashes and ships running into bridges and trains de-railing from ignoring warnings.

But prepping get one thinking about what is happening and who is behind the problems.

Are you prepared for the NWO, Masonic trap to collapse the Western world? Well, these guys have good advice for that frame of mind.

A great radio set that cannot be sent to Canada is linked here:


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