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Brian Kilmeade- San Francisco's looting 'free for all' is out of control

Jess Sosnoski
Jess Sosnoski - 222 Views
Published on 27 Nov 2021 / In News and Politics

Brian Kilmeade: San Francisco's looting 'free for all' is out of control

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JamesRoss 1 year ago

The Antifa are actually Demolay and Jobs Daughters.. also gangstalkers are all brainchipped and commanded by a handler. As of April 1st 2020, the New Dawn was the replacement of country government with World Governance by A.I.Lucifer.
The gangs of looters are commanded by A.I. brainchip hivemind instructions. Highly organized attacks on targeted store owners who are resisting the NWO take-over.

It is all organized and the police are mostly Freemasons who will just pay lipservice or ignore or even attack the TI passive aggressively... Lots of professionals are blackmailed to serve the, so finding an attorney or lawyer is counter-productive. Hiveminders will pretend to help you but then back-stab you instead.

This is the real world that has been going on for decades against all anyone identified by the Freemasons, Mormons, JWs, Scientologists, etc., Mystery School Cult thUgs as waking up.
I have been exposing the thUgs for 20 years

Charles Langenberg made that most sheeple blew-off as rediculouse. You can find his interviews at He was suicided in 2013 at the same time that I tried to contact his number to inform him about the covert brainchip the drilled into his skull. Nano-bot injectioned by needles cannot assemble a brainchip into the brain. The brainchip must be surgically installed by the medical-mafia who are Freemasons and Eastern-Star medical staff at some local hospital.

Some stop the jab protest leaders will be covertly brainchipped for assassination, well, in the past... they will become the targets.
You live in exciting times because the horror-show created by the Cult is going to fail within the Creator-God's playground due to the infinite probabilities and your desires and efforts to work towards a non-wicked and non-murderous world.

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