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Brent Cates On The Impending Victory

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Published on 29 Oct 2020 / In News and Politics

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[email protected] 3 months ago


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chiamaria 3 months ago

How come you didn't join the other qanoners to sue youtube? There are 15 of them in total, including redpill78, SGT report and Destroying the Illusion.

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John l. C.
John l. C. 3 months ago

This is my theory, if Joe Biden wins Nancy Pelosi has been talking about the 25th amendment but not for President Trump. They are going to take Joe out of office. And Kamala Harris said on international TV that her mother came here from another country and two years later Had her. If I’m not mistaking the mother has to live in America for 10 years to make her eligible. So if Nancy Pelosi is still speaker of the house Joe’s gone kamala is not eligible that would put Nancy Pelosi as the first female president of our country! And that just scares me to death. Some of you people out there that are extremely smart with computers if you would go in and double check everything that I said and if I am incorrect please let me know, Because to my understanding I think this is their game plan.

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POPQRN 3 months ago

I agree The Kameltoe is not eleiglbe for more than 1 reason

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POPQRN 3 months ago

Her parents were not citizens at the time of her birth

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Mary M
Mary M 3 months ago

How do they sweep The Seal team 6 under the table. How do the dems ignore this.

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