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Breakthrough Discovery Makes Water Desalination Obsolete!

The Analyst (New Real Media)
Published on 30 Jul 2022 / In News and Politics

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Water scarcity is affecting more and more people around the world. Whether it's water restrictions or wildfires, the impact of water shortages on our planet can have major consequences. But what if there was a breakthrough new way to produce water right out of the air? Systems that could work to bring water to regions around the world, whether you live near an ocean or not, and regardless of the weather? Breakthrough Discovery Makes Water Desalination Obsolete

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00:00 Introduction
00:47 The Problem
02:26 Water From Air!
05:13 Tsunami AWG
07:34 Fog Nets
09:07 Super Sponge!
10:10 Costs
14:07 Conclusions

What we'll cover...
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