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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice - 138 Views
Published on 14 May 2023 / In Film and Animation

This is foreshadowing

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 5 months ago

Johnny Exodice Featured Post
11 hours ago
The morning mist and the morning breeze...

Regardless of what happens on the other side in purgatory flux we still have our own version of the 93% here my 7%, WHOM will still believe the rapture of Jesus will return is there right too murder one another and possibly let us get caught in the crossfire so we always have to be aware of that in this place of redemption or damnation where they seek to break the ten tending commandments to our mother heaven and our father Earth and we seek to atone for whatever happened in the real world our dead Moon planet Earth in the night and day sky...

You can decide with utmost certainty we have come to realize that labels do not define us as Flesh and Blood and Bones and that as analog BIOS Celestial beings with our Celestial brains through the silver string and the Golden bowl being our body in the Book of Ecclesiastes as we travail this vexation of spirit called tribulations and trials to be reconciled with our god of Good and Evil the source of all creation, and the source of all destruction...

I am not saying THEY LIVE the GOLEM Capitalist internationalist from the other side will not phase in and out of our reality trying to wipe me out that is no longer a concern of mine, it is more important that we still pay attention to nutrition facts, chemical facts, drug facts, and supplement facts so that we give our bodies the best opportunity to have healthy stronger children with better Blood and Bones and guts than we have, and though there's nothing we can do about the red dust explosions or these mega weapons from the other side we shall live each day as best we can...

At least we finally got to hear the voice of Jeppo Jinx and let Jeppo Jinx start writing, and with that INFORMATION number six of Logan 5 Francis 7 and Jessica 6 as we comprehend the magnitude of what is happening here with machines programmed to keep things FUNCTIONING here in Land of the Living as compared to Their Land of the Dead: more than likely from the other side of the WORLD* with those whom have the ability to bring Their REPLACEMENT POPULATIONS as they try and put us on the green belts in the storage units in England and of course Atlanta and Carrollton Georgia plus many other places unbannounced to youn and I as the ragtag Rebellion...

Jeppo Jinx ?

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 5 months ago

So much lost, so much forgotten, so much to never return...

It seems each day we learn a little bit more about the what was, the what is, and the what will be in the entirety of the holy living biblical, and though every religion has a portion of the adventure and the tragedy of the tribulations called vexation of spirit as we travail to be born till the end of the world in 2094 the holy living Bible is the playbook to get out of purgatory for you and me...

It is not as the preachers the rabbi the imam or the priest teach from the Roman Catholic Church to the Byzantine empire in these days of Noah returned one last time, it is not the machine people with machine minds and machine eyes on PBS NewsHour to Bloomberg TV bragging about what they get away with doing war is murder and many other things breaking the 10 TENDING commandments unto our mother heaven and our father Earth...

Your life is your own, you can do as you please, but you will be judged for your actions, your thoughts, and your lack of inaction when it comes to war games and rumors of wars because the capitalist need the stocks to go back up again and they need to make everyone forget again so they have to kill everybody older than five and make those five year olds and younger the new generation of incubator babies at the Chicago world's Fair in 1893 ad maybe even here in Miami with the Jewish temple of colony the red hand called the great day...

At least we know how to live day by day, moment by moment, in the eternal moment that is you and I, and as we prevail to seek answers to things that need to be worked out it is still time to go down below and adventure into the underground cities and what's left of the underground civilization as we continue to contemplate Mirror Mirror these TV screens and media devices called cell phones in 2023...

Jeppo Jinx ?

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