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Brainchip Zombies -- Hacking The Brain Without The Human Noticing -- Polina Anikeeva MIT Luciferian

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Published on 14 Nov 2022 / In Technology

Polina is just another minion but she exposes the real brainchip technology that Musk fakes with his Neuralink.

At 15:20, Polina exposes the Freemasonic-Luciferian secret how to have non-lethal magnetic fields go through walls to attack Targeted Individuals.
The "magnetic nano-particles" are throughout the entire body for attacks...
and they also allows the Brain-Computer-Interface to inject thoughts into the body or can even remote-control the body like a zombie, sleeper-assassin, or truck attack bio-robot driving into crowds of victims.

Your local Freemason know to hide all this technology and to cull the sheep who discover it.
The Freemasons have been trying to assassinate me for 16 years... and this is the secret that they do not want me to share with the world. Tell the world and save your species because brainchips and Neuralinks are going to extinct Homo sapiens if Freemasons have their way.

The way to stop the tyranny from freemasonic-luciferians is to shut down their hivemind... They are all brainchipped into a hivemind army. Their WW3 started on April1st 2020 when Trump spoke from behind a false podium upon that day and operation "Covid-9" was begun:

Removed Presidential Seal from podium for April 1st, 2020:

Trump is just another Freemasons like Bill Gates and Elon Musk:

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